A summer to remember

Summer is over and we wanted to catch up with Vega on how it has been.

Hi Vega, how has your tennis summer been?
Incredible! Firstly, I won Sweden’s biggest and most prestigious junior tournament, the Elite Hotel Next Generation. That was a fantastic feeling and I’m so proud. Also, a couple of weeks ago I competed in France for the first time and won both my groups in the tournament Ten Pro Bowl in Paris. This summer I have also won other tournaments such as Havsbadsspelen and Skummeslövspelen. I’ve played some doubles as well and came second place in Elite Hotel Next Generation and in Båstad Corem Open. It was also great fun to hang out at Nordea Open this summer, to watch some great tennis with family and friends! I'm grateful to live in Båstad, the tennis hot spot in Sweden.

Congratulations Vega! Can you tell us about your new sponsors?
I just announced my new sponsorship with Wilson Tennis and it feels great! It has been a dream to be a part of the Wilson team and now it has come true! I’m really happy about this.
But I have also got another sponsor this summer and that is be@yourbest; a supplement brand that I love. They have the best-tasting supplements, I promise! Every day I mix their Dumlekola protein with my wholewheat oat and I also take their Multivitamin and Zink - and at training, I drink their Multi-Energy Lemonade.

Sounds great! What Wilson racket do you play with now?
I now play with Blade 100 v8 and the racket is fantastic! I tested several models for a while, but I think that Blade felt right from the very beginning. I can’t really tell why, but it was a perfect match. I hit really hard and precise with it. And I also love the green design, and it looks so good with the green Blade bags😊
What’s up next?
Soon I will go to Denmark to play Tennis Europe and Holte Open. After that the indoor season starts and I’m excited about that. I’m waiting for my new white/blue Wilson shoes Rush Pro Ace to arrive so I can kickstart indoor practice with the best gear. I will also continue with my special one-on-one training with Eye Coach. I regularly e-meet with the American Eye Coach team to improve my technique by using the Eye Coach training tool.
Thank you Vega and good luck!

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