Linus on the baseline podcast On the road #16 Lisa Dodson - former WTA pro, serve expert and ServeMaster inventor

Linus på baslinjen podcast tennisLisa Dodson ServeMaster

Lisa Dodson, born in New York, has almost 50 years of experience from coaching in addition to a professional career after she graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1979. Lisa is still coaching tennis in New York and have previously been the director of tennis at many different clubs in California, Florida and New York. After an injury 2009 Lisa developed her tennis serve training tool and after 18 months of development, research and work the Servemaster was on the market.

In this episode we talk about:
- playing serve and volley
- how to teach the serve and the importance of the grip
- the idea behind the ServeMaster
- why it's good to use different tools to teach right technique
- Lisa's new tool to be released, the TossMaster

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