Smart and easy guide for hand positioning, fits all grips


Difficult to keep the grip right?

With GripGuide you can more easily implement what your tennis coach tells you about how to hold your grip

Perfect for children and adults

GripGuide is suitable for beginners and intermediate tennis players. So if you are just starting or about to start playing tennis or if you still haven't learned how to hold all types of grips correctly.

Choose between two sizes. Small for kids and Large for teens and adults.

GripGuide works well for left-handed players. Just place the GripGuide strap upside down on the handle.

Numbered and colour coded for command

Racket handle is an octagon with eight phases. The numbers in the GripGuide should be placed on the coordinating phase numbers. The colors also guide you to hold specific grips (e.g., for a forehand (using the eastern grip), you want your base index to be blue, whether it's 3 or 7).

Elevations to feel the difference

Elevations are placed on commands 2 and 6 because they are key positions for so many strokes - the serve, volley, overhead and backhand (continental grip). As the hand moves between grips during play, the player can feel the elevations and know where to place the hand. The player should feel where to place the hand without having to look down during play. Tennis coaches can also move the tape around on the racket so that the elevation is placed in a specific location (e.g. between 3 and 4 on the handle). Although the numbers are no longer arranged properly, the player can get a feel for the grip and stroke they are learning.


How many tapes do I need?

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