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House of Bontin cooperates with tennis clubs and tennis coaches throughout Sweden

Many clubs are successfully using our tennis tools in their training activities and we see an increasing demand for tools that enrich the development of tennis and add value to tennis education.

If you are also interested in working with us, please contact us at or call us on 0766 350 412.

We also offer free demos out at tennis clubs for both children and adults. We'll come out and showcase our tennis tools for your training business, get in touch to make an appointment! It's also particularly popular to invite us to special events when you need a fun activity space. There we can demo several tennis tools and all players can try for themselves what it feels like to practice with for example TopspinPro and ServeMaster.

If you are an independent tennis trainer/tennis coach and want to use our tennis tools in your training and maybe even sell to your clients, we offer an attractive affiliate program.

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House of Bontin is a proud partner of Gustavsberg Tennis Club (GTK). The club was founded in 1947 and is one of Värmdös largest sports clubs, and a natural gathering place for old and young and beginners to competitive players.

GTK uses several of our smart tools daily in its training activities for both adults and children.

Please follow the club on Facebook and Instagram. For more information visit their website.

GTK Homepage

Djursholm Tennis Club is one of Sweden's largest tennis clubs in terms of membership. House of Bontin shares DJTK's commitment to modern working methods, both on and off the court. The club also offers the best possible development throughout the tennis journey up to veterans. House of Bontin is therefore proud that DJTK uses our tennis tools in its training activities.

For more information visit their website.

DJTK Homepage

Båstad Tennissällskap is not only located in Sweden's tennis hub Båstad but is the club that has largely made Båstad the tennis centre that it is. Båstad TS was founded back in 1929 and has since then been central to the development of tennis in Sweden. House of Bontin is a proud partner of the club who also actively use our training tools in their operations and have been very positive from the start about how it has developed their tennis players.

For more information visit their website.

Båstad TS Website

Tennis clubs using our training tools

Westervik Tennis Club

Enskede Lawn Tennis Club

Visby Tennis Club


Thaibreak Tennis Anywhere

Good to Great Members Kids

Saltsjö-Duvnäs Tennis Club

Söndrum Tennis Club

Varberg Tennis Club

Hudiksvall Tennis Club

Huddinge Tennis Club

Upsala Tennis Club

Jönköping Tennis Club

Påvelund Tennis & Badminton Club

Falu Tennis Club

Örebro Tennis Club

TK Hobby Eskilstuna

Tullinge Tennis Club

Växjö Tennis Society

Vetlanda Racket Club

Borlänge Tennis Club

Holte Tennis Club

Upsala Students' Sports Club

Sundbyberg Tennis Club

Motala Tennis Club

Trollbäckens Tennis Club

Kullabygdens Tennis Höganäs

Ljungvalla Tennis Club

Hjo Tennis Club

Vallda Tennis

Karlshamn Tennis Club

Älta Tennis Club

Elfsborg Tennis Club

Hyltebruks Tennis Club

The Crown Prince's Tennis Club

Smålandsstenar Tennis Club

Strängnäs Tennis Club

Umeå Tennis Club

Spårvägens Tennis Club

Vimmerby Tennis Club

Trosa Vagnhärad Tennis Club

Södra Sandby Tennis Club

Stöde IF Tennis

Spånga TBK

Saltsjöbadens Lawn Tennis Club

Marks Tennis Club

Lidköping Tennis Club

Aros Tennis Club

Edge Tennis Academy

Oskarshamn Padel Club

Danderyds Tennisklubb

Gothia Tennis

Vänersborgs Tennisklubb

Höllvikens Tennisklubb

Sundsvalls Tennisklubb

Skövde Tennisklubb

Svedala Tennisklubb

Mjölby Tennisklubb

Oslo Padelklubb

Trollhättans Tennisklubb

Fair Play Tennisklubb

Södertälje Padel & Tennisklubb

Vedbaek Tennisklub


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