Breaking news from the US OPEN! Record for hardest serve

Alycia Parks just set a historic record for hardest serve at the US Open! With a speed of an amazing 208 km/h (129 mph), she now shares the record with Venus Williams, who served just as hard in 2009. It was 20-year-old Alycia's first US Open match and she impressed immediately by showing off her powerful serve. Alycia has long been known as the 'cannon' for her hard serve; but it is only now, at the 2021 US Open, that the global public is waking up to her serve.

One unique thing about Alycia is that since the age of 11, she has been training with the ServeMaster tool to optimize her serve technique and to create the right power. She always carries her ServeMaster with her, even now that she is a Pro, as it improves her technique through regular use. In addition to her ServeMaster, Alycia has had the privilege of having Lisa Dodson, the founder of ServeMaster, as her personal serve coach over the years; where ServeMaster has of course been an important part of her training. Lisa Dodson is a former professional tennis player and has an extensive background in tennis, both from her own professional experience but also as a trained, successful tennis coach at several tennis academies in the USA.

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