What it's like to train with Tennis Pointer

Hello Tennissisters4ever!

Now you have tested the MSV Tennis Pointer a few times in practice. Can you tell us a bit about your experience. How did it go?

Judith: It was a lot of fun but still very difficult. The hardest part was to hit the small area. You had to be on your toes all the time and concentrate a lot. If you stand in the serve box, I didn't think it was that difficult to hit the base box. Next time I will try to stand on the baseline and hit. I haven't had time to serve with it either, but it will be interesting to see how difficult it is.

Vega: It was a lot of fun the first time but difficult, but after a while you learn. But it's still difficult. Now that I've played a few times, I feel much better and when I play with my real rack, I hit better than before. Tennis Pointer has helped me in my development.

Today's tennis word/tennis term: The Sweet Spot

A tennis racket has a surface called "the sweet spot". When you hit the ball on this area, you hardly feel the hit, unlike when you hit on other areas, when you feel the shaking and vibration of the grip. The sweet spot is therefore a vibration node and is located in the middle of the strings.

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