Winner x2 of the biggest junior tournament in the world!

The new year has started off very well for Vega Bontin and we're going to talk about it a bit more.

Hi Vega, how has 2024 been so far?

I think it has been a great start! I've just come home from the Pace SALK Open where I played both singles and doubles in the U12 class. And I won both! I am so happy.

Congratulations on your wins! How big is this for you?

For me it is very big, it was a goal for me to win the Pace SALK Open. It was a great feeling to get on the podium. I won the Elite Next Generation last summer and this feels just as big.

What do you remember most from the tournament?

When I went up to the podium, it was so well organized with the music and people watching and clapping. One shot I particularly remember is from the singles final when I pretended to hit a drive volley but instead, I waited it down and took it low and hit a low volley with the "banana" slice that made me win that ball. Another thing I did well during the tournament was the serve, I hit a lot of serve aces.

Which rack did you play with at the tournament?

I still play with Wilson Blade 100 v8 of course.

What happens next?

Now school has started so there will be a lot of regular training for a while. The next big tournament will probably be Tennis Europe in Gothenburg.

Do you have a tip for other junior players to get better?

Continue to fight even if it can feel tough sometimes because it does not go as well as you want. Believe in your dreams and you will eventually succeed.

Thanks for the wise tips and good luck with your training and the next competition!

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