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A few minutes a day makes a SNAP CHANGE!
The TossMaster mat is the revolutionary tennis training tool that effectively teaches the player the technique of the ball toss.
We all know that practice makes perfect. But to achieve effective change and learning, you have to practice the right thing. TossMaster is an interactive guide for tennis players to understand foot position, stance and ball drop placement for the flack, slice and kickserve. TossMaster will help players practice correctly on their own but is also a great help for coaches to get the player to "understand and grasp" more quickly what to do at the toss. The process will be more visual which will make it easier for the player.


  • The TossMaster is made for both right and left handed players and for players of all sizes. The mat is stable and does not slip.
  • Dimensions: 122cm (depth) x 183cm (width).
  • Weight: 1,3kg
  • The mat rolls up easily and is carried with the accompanying straps. It can also be folded if you want to make it smaller when carrying it with you.

Why TossMaster works:

  • Gives you instant feedback so you can quickly make corrections
  • Teaches you to place the throw in the appropriate location for a specific type of serve
  • Ball throw location and stance are clearly marked. Learning to see the ball in the air and understand where it will land is crucial to generally understanding throwing and serving technique
  • Allows players to integrate swing arm and throwing technique
  • Unlimited and accessible practice with a plan is the best path to success

TossMaster addresses frustrations!

The brain needs data to keep going. How do we expect to accurately put a ball in a spot when we don't even know where that spot is? We can calculate physical movements without being aware of it if we have a plan of action. Understanding throwing positions and having a plan is more important than knowing how to get there. Location helps the brain guide the body to "how to do".

  • Break old, negative patterns that are automatic for your body and create new, automatic techniques.
  • Throwing phobia is real. Instead, get a positive and no-fear attitude.
  • Players often need proof that they are not doing what they think they are doing. TossMaster gives you that proof and lets you progress in the right direction without frustration.

Make small and simple changes:

If you're using a pin-point stance, you can start with your feet in a slightly modified position. If you like to start with your feet a little closer together, simply make that small modification.

If you are taller than 6'1", you may need to throw the ball a little further out to the far edge of the pitch circle. If you are shorter than 165cm, you may need to move your feet closer and bring the ball throw to the nearer edge of the placement circle.

Feel free to be creative with the TossMaster but always keep the guidelines as your goal.

For more on TossMaster, check out the instructions here in these videos:

What is TossMaster?

One minute tour of TossMaster

TossMaster - Where to toss your ball

Toss Practice with TossMaster

TossMaster and how to hold the ball for serve toss

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Anna Wassgren, tennis player since 30 years

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