Yonex Ezone 100L 285g (16x19) Aqua Night Black tennis racket

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The 7th generation EZONE series provides effortless power and an improved, comfortable feel. The series suits a wide range of players, from juniors and recreational players to the best players in the world. Model Yonex Ezone 100L 285g (16x19) suits the all-round player looking for a lighter racket to master the court with extra power and comfort.

Aqua Night Black

Inspired by the dark infinity of the night sea, the new Ezone expresses its lightweight power and recognized plush feel with a brand new design - Aqua Night Black.


  • Head size: 100 in²
  • Balance point: 32.5 mm
  • Weight (unstrung): 285 g / 10.1 oz
  • Stringing pattern: 16x19
  • Length: 27 in
  • Frame profile: 23.8 mm - 26.5 mm - 22.5 mm
  • Color/design: Aqua Night Black
  • Material : HM GRAPHITE: HM GRAPHITE / 2G-Namd™ SPEED / VDM
  • Model Number: 07EZ100L
  • Country of manufacture: Japan


ISOMETRIC - Signature Yonex technology since 1980. The technology that provides greater control without sacrificing power was developed over 30 years ago. The ISOMETRIC™ design increases the sweet spot by 7%*. Compared to a conventional round frame, a square ISOMETRIC™ racket generates a larger sweet spot by optimizing the cut of the main and cross strings. *Tested by Yonex

O.P.S (OVAL PRESSED SHAFT) - First introduced in 1969 with the T-7000; Yonex's first aluminum tennis racket. The technology is still incorporated into the Ezone which is Yonex's most popular racket series. The Oval Pressed Shaft is designed to give players more spin, control and feel. The shaft bends at impact, increasing dwell time and minimizing vibration.

VDM (VIBRATION DAMPENING MESH ) - First used in Yonex snowboards to reduce vibration on impact and now used in several of the Yonex racket series. VDM is a stretchy mesh material that wraps around the graphite in the grip to filter out unwanted vibrations and improve touch and precision.

2G-NAMD™ SPEED - For an improved feel and and ball speed without sacrificing comfort. Designed to produce flex and power, the technology is developed from high modulus graphite fibers bonded with CNT, resulting in a material that transfers energy into fast snapback. Named™ is a technology developed by Nitta Co. to evenly disperse carbon nanotubes in carbon fiber composites.

SHAFT DESIGN - For improved stability and power. A thicker shaft structure with a convex design reduces unwanted racket torque on off-center hits for added power.

AERO SHAPE DESIGN - For a soft and comfortable feel. A tapered frame design with a thinner frame surface resulting in a softer racket.

LINER TECH - For improved power and comfort. Straight hole grommets extend the strings to optimize power and comfort when hitting outside the sweet spot.

Important information about strings:

The model is sold unstrung but House of Bontin offers stringing if you wish. We have a wide range of strings to choose from here. We can also help you with the choice of strings. Please contact us at info@houseofbontin.se or via our chat if you want your rack strung on delivery. We will respond quickly! If you already know which strings you want to buy, select these strings from our range and you can leave instructions via the message field at checkout where you state the desired weight for the stringing and we will fix your stringing according to your wishes. Stringed racks usually add 1-2 days extra to the regular delivery time.

Join the world's best players Casper Ruud, Ben Shelton, Nick Kyrgios, Jessica Pegula and choose Yonex Ezone to be your very best!

Yonex - Crafted with precision, Played with Passion!

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